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Organizational Design

Solving low product adoption by re-defining and scaling the problem

Combining existing foundational research insights with design thinking, our small product team made a case for restructuring the way the internal Data & Analytics function at McKinsey was organized and drove the effort.

The opportunity presented itself as an unforeseen outcome of our team's continuous research into our self-serve analytics tools portfolio. As we started mapping the larger end-to-end analytics journey of our analytics colleagues, their unmet needs and opportunity for change became very clear.

The outcome of this transformation was a drastic simplification of the internal organizational structure for the Data & Analytics function, combining the efforts of multiple teams from 3 departments into one consolidated Data & Analytics group. This lead to 10% client-facing efficiency increase and 25% FTE reduction in the D&A function, and an improved and simplified experience for McKinsey's consultants.

SECTOR - Data & Analytics / Technology

TEAM - Sr PM, Tech lead, UX Researcher

EXTENDED TEAM - Data & Analytics Leadership and stakeholders, Department leaders, Risk function

MY ROLE - Foundational Research, Transformation Strategy, Change Management, Senior Stakeholder Management, Implementation and Organizational Design of the new D&A function

LEAD TIME - Foundational research (pre-requisite/driver for change): 1 year - Advocating and PS: 9 months - Implementation and Standing up Group: 3 months




  • Foundational research self-serve analytics tools (Tableau, Alteryx)

  • End-to-end analytics journeys for generalists and advanced analytics data experts

  • Problem and opportunity identification

Transformation Strategy

  • Gathering and syndicating Firm-wide research insights on colleagues working with data

  • Organize and lead 3-day strategy workshop for analytics function - Discuss options for collaboration and merger

  • Make a case with leadership 


  • Convene and lead virtual analytics group with Analytics and Risk leadership and stakeholders (30 participants)

  • Create and manage backlog of work for the group

  • Go/no-go decision


  • Internal strategy discussions

  • Design organization structure for new Data & Analytics group

  • Determining and finalizing role descriptions, headcount and staffing needs

Data & Analytics group organizational design

  • Stand up Group processes (Meeting structures, Agile rituals, Governance, Backlog, etc.)

  • Mission/Vision/Strategy

  • Roadmaps

  • Hiring and on boarding team members

  • Internal comms on new group


"One of our team’s greatest achievements was our initiative to drive a cross-function merger of multiple McKinsey Data & Analytics teams. Marianne’s UX research insights were essential because they revealed opportunities for better alignment of a new, streamlined Data & Analytics organization structure; one that also drove increased internal efficiency."

Brian Bussing, PM, Analytics Team

Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

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