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Scaling & Maturing UX 

citizenM, a global hotel brand, wanted to deliver the best digital experience in the hotel industry. 


As the first full-time Head of UX, I was asked to help the Product department create a digital guest experience that matches the quality and ambiance of the hotels. Recognizing the need for a sustainable approach, I focused on growing and developing citizenM’s UX maturity first.


In my first eight months, I established several important initiatives. While these initiatives are still evolving, they laid the foundation for continued progress. to guide our continued growth and improvement.  

SECTOR - Global hotel group, privately owned

SETTING - UX team in Digital Product department in mid-size organization

MY ROLE - Head of UX



Using an existing maturity benchmark, we assessed our company's UX at level 3. To advance to level 5 within a year, I created a strategic framework centered on the following pillars:  

  1. Growing and developing the UX team

  2. Establishing centralized UX resources, eg. design system, repository and UX metrics

  3. Training and maturing the organization

  4. Cross-functional collaboration, communication and UX advocacy


Assigning ownership of each pillar facilitated the roll out, enabling us to make visible impact fast.  

Transformative Impact

The most impactful changes stemmed from a few key initiatives:

  • Design System: Encouraged collaboration across departments and teams, ensuring a consistent digital experience.

  • Discovery: By visualizing our discovery process, we pinpointed overlaps, enabling efficient research handling by a single skilled researcher.

  • Service Blueprints: Developed comprehensive blueprints for the entire customer journey, enhancing our understanding of interactions and processes.

  • UX Metrics and comprehensive feedback management: Established clear metrics and centralized feedback ownership, facilitating quality control and constructive discussions with teams.

  • Role-modeling customer centricity through participatory workshops


Additionally, a focus on nurturing our team dynamics and integrating freelancers injected fresh perspectives, fostering team spirit and cohesion.

Next steps


"Focusing on our UX maturity has really transformed how we work and connect with our customers. It's been a game-changer for our growth and success."

Director of Product

citizenM hotels

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