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Organizational Design

Solving low product adoption by re-defining and scaling the problem

Combining existing foundational research insights with design thinking our small product team made a case for restructuring the way the internal Data & Analytics function at McKinsey was organized.

The outcome was a drastic simplification of the internal structure, combining the efforts of multiple teams from 3 departments, into one consolidated Data & Analytics group, resulting in 10% client-facing efficiency increase and 25% FTE reduction, with improved and simplified experience for McKinsey's consultants.

SECTOR - Data & Analytics / Technology

TEAM - Sr PM, Tech lead, UX Researcher

EXTENDED TEAM - Data & Analytics Leadership and stakeholders, Department leaders, Risk function

MY ROLE - Foundational Research, Transformation Strategy, Change Management, Stakeholder Management, Implementation


Business problem

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Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 3.57.36 PM.png







360° Customer reviews

  • Information Architecture

  • Card Sorting

  • User flows

  • Wireframes

Hypothesis testing

  • 2 key hypotheses based on initial discovery/personas were tested in a mix of user interviews, existing platform walkthroughs and prototypes

Iterative prototype testing

  • Information Architecture

  • Card Sorting

  • User flows

  • Wireframes


The highly technical nature of the Platform's financial content and the detailed specifics of fundamental credit analysis in different markets, required getting a thorough understanding of the financial industry and its vocabulary first, before meaningful user feedback could be gathered and interpreted correctly.

Key take-aways

After 10 months of iterative prototype testing, build and QA, the first part of the 3-year upgrade was released. With increased promotion, this lead to 5% subscription growth and 10% reduction in attrition in the first six month after the release, due to improved content, UI and user experience.

"“One of our team’s greatest achievements was our initiative to drive a cross-function merger of multiple McKinsey Data & Analytics teams. Marianne’s UX research insights were essential because they revealed opportunities for better alignment of a new, streamlined Data & Analytics organization structure; one that also drove increased internal efficiency."

Brian Bussing, PM, Analytics Team

Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

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